I respect the right of every band

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canada goose outlet parka Thursday evening’s “Monumental Conversations: Lessons from Charlottesville” event at the Humphrey School at the University of Minnesota had already yielded many nuggets of wisdom, hope, knowledge and truth from a panel of academics and students who’d gathered to rip scabs off the scars of racism. But two hours in, everything went up another level when Janaan Ahmed leaned into the microphone.A junior at Patrick Henry High School in North Minneapolis, Ahmed has led the most recent charge to change the name from the school’s current slaveholder and segregationist namesake, but the opposition has been too strong from Henry alums, some of whom come to meetings and put their fingers canada goose outlet store toronto in their ears to shut out recitations of the true history of Henry’s legacy. After a long and canada goose outlet belgium serious discussion about racism, white supremacy and the genocides that America’s foundations are built on, mediator/moderator Kelly Wilder asked the panel how we the people go about changing hearts canada goose jacket outlet store and souls. canada goose outlet parka

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